About us

Since its establishment in 2005, m.truth Co., Ltd. has offered a unique PR & branding service for "brand creation".
We propose PR strategy services to address client's requests, formulate precise scenarios using our own distinctive methods, and plan for wide-reaching, powerful, expert communication not only for Japan, but with a global perspective.
We contribute to PR-led strategic marketing, booking and casting through measures selected depending on media, social media and the situation.
We will continue to carefully craft premium value with a global perspective adapted to the world of today, comprehensively covering cultural lifestyles from fashion, beauty and jewelry to hotels and restaurants.
Conveying a "solid message" and producing a track record that "develops the brand", we will demonstrate our strong communication skills and ability to get things done.

People CEO Mami Endo

Consistently serving as Coach Japan PR & Communications Manager, Mami was engaged as a start-up member of Coach Japan from Coach Inc. in the US.
Her forward-thinking mixed-media brand marketing techniques have been introduced on "Dawn of Gaia [TV Tokyo]" and many other media.
Immediately after Coach Japan, she established m.truth Co., Ltd. to utilize her brand PR experience to the maximum extent.
The inspiration for her diverse PR ideas was Richard Ginori, the MD of Hiroko Koshino International. Mami has wide-ranging experience in PR and various other industries and is skilled in "reading between the lines", "intuition" and "communication". Her unique, specialist career started as secretary to a Vice President.
Mami has been a trustee of the Watanabe Memorial Foundation since its establishment in 2017 to support the next generation of creative producers and "create the future of the performing arts".
Mami was born in Tokyo.


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